About KOPI K

KOPI means Coffee in Bahasa Malaysia. Motivated by an opportunity to support the brave front-liners combating Covid-19, the KOPI K journey begins with the campaign of ‘belanjakopi'. Kopi K mission is to be the best local coffee brand in the region and beyond to reach out to the whole consumer world hence promoting unique local coffees. We will continuously provide our customers with best quality, unique local coffee experience, affordable & guaranteed quality products.

Our Ingredients

Lokal Coffee

Special coffee blend used as the main espresso base for all of our coffee.

Gula Melaka

Special sugar made from palm/coconut trees. It is unrefined sugar and has a delicious toffee-like, almost caramelised flavour, with hints of coconut.


We are using locally produced milk by our local cows. We provide alternative milk such as Oat & Almond for lactose-free drinkers.

K-Day Promo

It’s buy 3 free 1 promo on every ‘Khamis’ !

Locally Sourced Ingredients

Unique Traditional & Modern Coffee Method

Innovative Malaysian Coffee Recipe

Affordable Price at Premium Taste

Meet the sKuad

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